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Protofab Corvette rece prepped for the Dallas Grand Prix You can’t find a better rear spindle than what we offer. These are drop forged and produced to the exact appearance and dimensional specifications, but with superior metallurgy to the original part. As you know, the rear spindle / bearing assembly has been the Achilles heel of these C-2 and C-3 Corvettes. The design was ahead of the materials. Now the materials have caught up. By the way, in case you are wondering why we should show a C-4 Corvette on our 63-82 Corvette website; its is actually the same 80 Corvette pictured on the top of the 80-82 Diff page. We rebodied it in 1988 to run the car in the Dallas Grand Prix Trans Am race. We finished 7th.
65-82 Original Trailing Arm Assembly 1965-82 original Corvette trailing arm assembly

These are all new assemblies, with stainless steel parking brake parts. The rotor is riveted to the spindle, just as it was when your Corvette was new.

No Cores Required, Free Freight

* Note: These require assembly in our shop and require more time.

65-79 Trailing Arm
add for Offset Trailing Arm
add for $165
80-81 Auto Trans
add for Poly Bushing
add for $32
80-81 Manual Trans - All 82
1965-82 new Corvette replacement trailing arm assemblies65-82 New Replacement Trailing Arm Assemblies

These are the same assemblies as the T010, but without the riveted rotor. GM replacement rotors have no rivet holes. The riveted rotors were a factory only deal, and the wheel studs hold everything together anyway. These assemblies have new trailing arms, bushings, spindles, bearings, seals, backing plates and stainless steel parking brake parts. They are greased, torqued and ready to install in your Corvette.
No Cores Required, but check out our core page for refunds on your old parts- Free Freight
1965-82 new Corvette replacement trailing arm assemblies inside view

* Note: These require assembly in our shop and require more time.

65-79 Trailing Arm
80-81 Auto Trans
80-81 Manual Trans - All 82
add for Poly Bushing
add for $24
add for Offset Trailing Arm
add for $121

1965-79 refurbished trailing arm assemblies65-79 Refurbished Trailing Arm Assemblies

These assemblies are set up to the same close tolerances as our new units. The only difference between this part and part # T020 is with this assembly we use a reconditioned GM trailing arm and spindle. The trailing arm bushing, backing plate, parking brake parts, bearings and seals are all new.

There is no core charge, but if you want to get rid of your old parts, put them our box and send them back to us. We will send you a check after we figure out what is reusable. Check the Cores Page. If we can reuse your trailing arm and spindle, your old assembly is probably worth $150. - Specify Left or Right - Free Freight

* Note: These require assembly in our shop and require more time.

Note for T027: We don't believe in re-using 30 year old spindles. We trash 75 percent of those that we get in as cores, but even the ones we keep to be used in the T026 assemblies are still 30 years old. They were originally designed for tires that had 4-1/2 inches of tread on the ground. Now the tire patch is twice that. For our money, we would opt for a new spindle. - Free Freight

65-79 Referbished TAA
add for New Spindle
add for $49

1965-82 Corvette trailing arms65 - 82 Trailing Arms

These are all new assemblies indistinguishable from GM factory new.

Specify Left or Right - Free Freight

65-81 Trailing Arm

82 Trailing Arm

T040 1963-64 Corvette trailing arms63 - 64 Trailing Arms

Free Freight

63 - 64 Trailing Arm

Offset Trailing Arm
T044 1963-64 Corvette offset trailing arm These arms are offset 2 inches to accommodate more than the stock 3 inch backspacing. They are powder coated and come standard with Poly Bushings. There are three places the stock tire just misses with a standard trailing arm - the arm, the frame directly over the axle centerline and the spring. Remember to figure in tire wall flex when evaluating the clearance between your tire and the sharp end of the rear leaf spring. Free Freight
63 - 82 Trailing Arms
$375 per arm

T050 1963-82 Corvette trailing arm bushing set63 - 82 Trailing Arm Bushing Set

This OEM set is everything necessary for one trailing arm.

63 - 82 Trailing Arm Bushing Set

T052 Corvette poly trailing arm bushing setPoly Trailing Arm Bushing Set

These Prothane Poly bushings are all poly, and need the metal outer shells off your old OEM bushing for a proper installation. If you have no old OEM bushings, you will need to buy a T050 OEM bushing plus this part to make things work. This bushing is for a single trailing arm.

Poly Trailing Arm Bushing Set

T060 1963-82 Corvette stainless steel shim kit63 - 82 Stainless Steel Shim Kit

This is a car set of 16 stainless steel trailing arm shims with proper bolts, washers and castle nuts for the rear trailing arm bushing mounts.

SS Trailing Arm Shim Kit

T070 1963-82 Corvette trailing arm stud and nut set65 - 82 Trailing Arm Stud & Nut Set

These four Grade 8 knurled studs mount inside the trailing arm, and secure the trailing arm to the spindle support housing - nuts and washers included.

Trailing Arm Stud and Nut Set
Alignment School
Most alignment shops will turn away your 63-82 Corvette or will just charge you an arm and a leg. If you want to do it yourself, click here for instructions.
65 - 82 Rear Spindle Overhaul Kit1965-82 Corvette rear spindle overhaul kit
Changing spindles is a big deal, so when you have to do it, you want to change everything that is virtually impossible to change with the spindles in place. Included is one car set of aircraft quality drop forged new spindles, shim and spacer kit, bearings, seals, backing plates, SS parking brake parts, shoes, spindle small parts kit, Mobil One synthetic wheel bearing grease, and instructions. Don't waste any of the Mobil 1, as there is none to spare when doing two assemblies.
Specify Year - Free Freight
65-82 Rear Spindle Overhaul Kit
add second tube of Mobil 1
add for $15
SP015 Corvette spindle installation toolsCorvette Spindle Installation Tools
The proper installation of the 63 - 82 spindle all but requires the proper tools. This set includes a new spindle knocker, and used but perfect spindle installation and set-up tools. When you finish with these tools, you can return the still perfect set-up and installation tools for a $120 refund. Throw in your unused spindle shims for an additional refund of $1 each. The spindle removal tool is your's to keep.

Free Freight
Spindle Removal Tool
Spindle Installation Tool
(Return for $45 credit)
Spindle Set-Up Tool
(Return for $60 credit)
Corvette Spindle Installation Tools (Return for $120 credit)
1963-82 Corvette spindles with bearings and seals63 - 82 Spindles w/ Bearings & Seals

For those of you with quality backing plates and parking brake parts, this kit may be the way to go. Included is one car set of aircraft quality spindles, plus new Timken bearings, seals and Mobil 1.

Free Freight
For 65 - 82 Models
For 63 - 64 Models

1963-82 Corvette rear spindle63 - 82 Corvette Rear Spindle

If this is all you need, you have come to the right place. You can't buy a better spindle. It is drop forged, then case hardened to yield a part with superior metallurgy to that available when this part was designed in 1962.

Free Freight

65 - 82 Corvette Rear Spindle
63 - 64 Corvette Rear Spindle

1963-82 Corvette rear bearings and seals63 - 82 Rear Bearings & Seals

If your spindle survived a bearing failure and you were successful in removing it without further damage, then you are both lucky and good. This is one wheel set of rear spindle bearings and seals. You can choose between Timken and bearings from China. We only use Timkins in the parts we build and in the cars we service, but we have never had a complaint on the generic bearings.

Timken Bearings & Seals

SP050 1965-82 Corvette backing plate65 - 82 Corvette Backing Plate

Also known as Dust Shields, these come in Silver for 65-75, and Gold for 76-82.

Specify Year & Left or Right

65 - 82 Corvette Backing Plate

SP060 1965-82 Corvette parking brake kit65 - 82 Corvette Parking Brake Kit

This kit has everything you need to rebuild (replace) both sides of your 1965 (with disk brakes) to 1982 Corvette parking brakes. The hardware is all stainless steel; the shoes are OEM.
65 - 82 Corvette Parking Brake Kit
SP061 Corvette SS parking brake partsSS Parking Brake Parts

This is one car set of all the stainless steel parking brake hardware located inside the brake shoes.
SS Parking Brake Parts
SP062 Corvette parking brake shoesParking Brake Shoes

This is one car set of zinc plated parking brake shoes.
Parking Brake Shoes
SP070 1967-82 Corvette front parking brake cable kit67 - 82 Front Parking Brake Cable Kit

The cable is Stainless Steel, the pulley nylon.
67 - 82 Front Parking Brake Cable Kit
SP080 1965-82 Corvette rear parking brake cable kit65 - 82 Rear Parking Brake Cable Kit

This Stainless Steel cable kit contains the 4 Mickey Mouse clips and the nylon cable guides that mount on the trailing arms.
65 - 82 Rear Parking Brake Cable Kit
SP090 1963-82 Corvette spindle shim kit63 - 82 Corvette Spindle Shim Kit

These nine stainless steel shims will give you all you would typically need to set up the end play to between .001 and .008 inch. Included are spacers of .097, .103, .109, .115, .121, .127, .133, .139, and .145
63 - 82 Corvette Spindle Shim Kit
SP100 1963-82 Corvette rear spindle shim and spacer kit63 - 82 Corvette Rear Spindle Shim & Spacer Kit

These are not a crush sleeves! You normally don't need to replace the spacers, but some people want them, so here are nine shims and two spacers.
63 - 82 Corvette Rear Spindle Shim & Spacer Kit

SP110 1965-82 Corvette rear spindle small parts kit65 - 82 Rear Spindle Small Parts Kit

One part number for a car set of all the hard to find miscellaneous parts required for a quality spindle overhaul. Most are original GM parts including Dust Shields, Deflector Flanges, Bolt Locks, and Parking Brake Shoe Hold Down Plates.

65 - 82 Rear Spindle Small Parts Kit

SP120 1965-82 Corvette rear spindle support housing65 - 82 Rear Spindle Support Housing

Reconditioned and perfect

Free Freight

65 - 82 Rear Spindle Support Housing

Loaded Corvette spindle housingLoaded Spindle Housing

This housing is ready for your spindle. It has Timken bearings and seals, and has been set up with the correct spacer and shim. It is shipped shrink wrapped, fully greased with Mobil 1, and includes a new inner bearing shield. If you use this housing, you don't have to worry about the setup, as we have done that for you. All you need is an installation tool to install your spindle. We can include our installation tool for $94, and when you are finished I will give you back $85 for the return of the installation tool and your old rebuildable spindle support housing. Specify driver side or passenger side.
Free Freight

Loaded Spindle Housing
Spindle Installation Tool

SP130 1963-79 Corvette rear spindle flange63 - 79 Corvette Rear Spindle Flange

Reconditioned and as perfect as it can be.

63 - 79 Corvette Rear Spindle Flange

SP132 1980-81 Corvette automatic rear spindle flange80 - 81 Automatic Rear Spindle Flange

Either Brand New GM, or as good as new.

Free Freight

80 - 81 Automatic Rear Spindle Flange

SP134 1980-81 manual and all 1982 Corvette spindle flange80-81 Manual & All 82 Spindle Flange

Reconditioned, the best available - Check Stock!

Free Freight

80-81 Manual & All 82 Spindle Flange

Mobil One synthetic greaseMobil One Synthetic Grease

I believe this is the best grease in the world for this application. One tube is enough for one spindle, and if you don't waste any, its enough for two.

Mobil One Synthetic Grease

Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the continued production of the authentic original Corvette Grand Sport.  Duntov Motor Company is the exclusive licensee for the manufacturing and distribution of the updated street version of this famous car. We service what we sell. We also restore and service 1963-1982 Corvette race, street and performance cars using original and replacement parts including front and rear suspension, brake calipers, brake rotors, brake pads, both J-56 and stock brake caliper pistons, and Corvette stainless steel parking brake parts. We offer the finest original U.S. built Corvette spindles and GM stub axles, along with remanufactured Corvette differentials for both street and race cars. We build both new and rebuilt Corvette trailing arm assemblies for 1965-1982 Corvettes, and offer Corvette street and racing springs and both steel and composite leaf springs in a wide selection of spring rates. Check out our Corvette parts section for shocks, sway bars, upper and lower A-arms, Corvette ball joints, tie rod ends, pitman arms, idler arms, shocks and U-joints.

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