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Racing Brake Pistons
Racing Brake Pistons

After a year of design, prototyping, and development, a new upgrade to the venerable Delco brake caliper is about to be released. The new pistons and seals are designed to stay in the car for a season of racing at ten-tenths. Even with the superior insulating qualities of Duntov’s titanium racing pistons, the current stock-type seals are generally good for only one race weekend. Changing out the seals involves removing, overhauling, reinstalling and bleeding a car-set of calipers, which typically takes eight man-hours. The new Teflon seals are designed to last a lifetime of street driving, but Duntov is in the process of demonstrating continual use for six race-weekends, which would save forty man-hours of labor, and effectively remove one of the reliability issues Corvette racers have always had to contend with.

Racing Brake Pistons Racing Brake Pistons

The internal friction generated by grease-packed conventional opposed tapered roller bearings is substantial. Duntov’s new bearings reduce this rolling resistance by an astonishing 40%. They are available now and we will have them on the website within thirty days.